Dining Tables

The dining table anchors the room – making it a key furnishing for retailers to get right. For boutique stores and ecommerce sellers seeking unique, artisan-quality tables, Artisan Furniture UK delivers.

As a leading wholesale dining table supplier, Artisan Furniture UK offers global delivery from their UK and Asia warehouses. Their seamless ecommerce integration also makes expanding your product line simple.

Directly Sourced from Talented Artisans
From live-edge slabs to intricate tile inlay, Artisan Furniture UK's wholesale dining tables highlight quality materials and craftsmanship. Their in-house designers work alongside artisan workshops across India and Indonesia to produce each piece.

This artisan-centric approach allows incorporation of regional woods, finishes, and designs for global appeal. It also enables customization like sizes, finishes, and edge profiles for trade buyers.

These handcrafted touches lend personality and warmth to retail furniture offerings – something shoppers worldwide value.
Range of Styles Suited to All Decors
Thanks to relationships with over 150 artisans, Artisan Furniture UK offers retailers expansive style options. Their dining table selection includes:

Rustic – Hand-carved mango wood tables with bold grains and natural edges.
Industrial – Black metal bases with aged wood or marble tops offer an urban loft vibe.
Modern – Sleek molded plywood chairs complement glossy lacquered table tops.
Traditional – Ornate carvings and cabriole legs provide timeless elegance.

This range provides diverse wholesale options to meet any aesthetic. As a one-stop wholesale source, Artisan Furniture UK simplifies curating collections tailored to your customers.
Global Distribution and Delivery
To support dropshipping models, Artisan Furniture UK stocks top selling dining table models in the UK and Asia for rapid delivery.

Standard delivery times from UK warehouses to Europe are 3-5 days. Shipping from Asia reaches North America and beyond in 1-2 weeks. For major trade orders, direct container shipping is also available.

Their streamlined global fulfillment combined with competitive pricing facilitates tapping into the worldwide furniture market.
Seamless Ecommerce Integration
Smooth backend integration makes a huge difference in furniture dropshipping. That's why Artisan Furniture UK offers API and app integration with all major ecommerce platforms.

Product data, pricing, imagery, and real-time inventory sync automatically between systems. This simplifies catalog management while allowing Artisan Furniture UK to handle fulfillment.

For retailers, this means faster global scaling without added workload.

With artisan-direct sourcing, vast variety, ethical production, turnkey delivery, and seamless integration, Artisan Furniture UK is a premier wholesale source for dining tables.
<strong>The Comprehensive Guide to Dressers: From Functionality to Style</strong>
A dresser, by definition, is a staple piece of furniture known for its drawers and functionality for storing clothes, accessories, and other items. From bedrooms to living rooms, dressers come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Let's dive into the comprehensive aspects of dressers.
<strong>Types of Dressers</strong>
Dressers come in different types and forms:

<strong>Standard Dresser</strong>: The classic design usually featuring horizontal drawers.
<strong>Double Dresser</strong>: Wider and often having two columns of drawers side by side.
<strong>Tallboy or Chest of Drawers</strong>: A taller dresser with vertically stacked drawers.
<strong>Dresser with Mirror</strong>: Comes with an attached mirror.
<strong>Combo Dresser</strong>: Combines drawers with cabinet space or other functionalities.

<strong>Materials Used</strong>
The material of a dresser significantly impacts its aesthetics and durability:

<strong>Wood</strong>: Timeless, sturdy, and available in many finishes.
<strong>Particleboard and MDF</strong>: Affordable but less durable than solid wood.
<strong>Metal</strong>: Offers an industrial look.
<strong>Glass and Mirrored Surface</strong>: Adds a touch of elegance and visual space.
<strong>Plastic</strong>: Lightweight and often more affordable.

Dressers are versatile:

<strong>Storage</strong>: Primarily used for storing clothes and accessories in drawers.
<strong>Display</strong>: The top surface can be used to display photos, flowers, or decor.
<strong>Combined Uses</strong>: Some dressers can double as changing tables for infants.

Dresser styles can span from <strong>modern</strong>, <strong>traditional</strong>, <strong>rustic</strong>, <strong>mid-century</strong>, <strong>industrial</strong>, to <strong>vintage</strong> and <strong>minimalist</strong>, fitting the ambiance of any room.
<strong>Size and Capacity</strong>
Dressers come in various sizes:

<strong>Small</strong>: 2-3 drawers, suitable for smaller spaces.
<strong>Medium</strong>: 4-5 drawers, perfect for most needs.
<strong>Large</strong>: 6+ drawers, ideal for extensive storage.

<strong>Assembly and Maintenance</strong>
Dressers might come <strong>pre-assembled</strong> or require <strong>DIY assembly</strong>. Maintenance includes regular cleaning, tightening of loose knobs, and occasional polishing or refinishing.
The lifespan of a dresser can vary:

<strong>Particleboard</strong>: 5-10 years
<strong>Solid Wood</strong>: 15+ years

Current trends include <strong>sustainable materials</strong>, <strong>minimalist designs</strong>, <strong>multifunctional</strong>, and <strong>tech-integrated dressers</strong> that cater to modern needs.
Safety features can include <strong>anti-tipping kits</strong>, <strong>smooth drawer gliders</strong>, <strong>rounded corners</strong>, and <strong>safety stops</strong> on drawers.
<strong>Environmental Impact</strong>
Eco-friendly options include dressers made from <strong>recycled or sustainable materials</strong> and <strong>upcycled dressers</strong>.
<strong>Cultural Significance</strong>
Dressers are often depicted in literature, film, and art as a staple of bedroom furnishings, echoing their universal importance.
From the classic wood dresser in your bedroom to a modern, mirrored surface dresser in a chic living space, dressers are more than just functional furniture pieces. Understanding the nuances of materials, types, and trends can help you select a piece that is not just practical but also an aesthetic addition to your space.


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