The Beautiful Craft of Rattan Furniture in India

For centuries, Indian artisans have intricately hand-woven rattan to create versatile and elegant furniture. Rattan’s natural durability and artful style uniquely positions it within both classic and contemporary interiors today. We explore the centuries-old rattan craft of northwestern India along with modern applications.

An Ancient Craft of India

Rattan refers to several hundred species of climbing palms native to tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australia. In India, artisans mainly utilize the Calamus Rotang species, also referred to as common rattan. It’s sustainably wild-harvested by tribal villagers amongst natural forests spanning Rajasthan, Gujarat and surrounding states.

The skill of rattan furniture craft has intricately shaped cultural heritage throughout northwestern India for generations. Originally practiced by the Vankar caste to furnish village huts, it gradually extended into a specialized trade.

Indian artisans manipulate the flexible rattan poles and stems into gracefully shaped furniture, baskets and more using basic tools and complex weaving techniques passed down through families. Furnishings like charpoys (traditional woven beds), jhulas (swing chairs) and stools exemplify classic vernacular style. These remain mainstays within households today.

Modern Rattan Design & Style

The natural tones and textural beauty of rattan beautifully bridge traditional and contemporary design sensibilities. It imparts Raja-era nostalgia while feeling right at home within global bohemian and Tropic-inspired spaces.

Artisan Furniture’s own rattan collection interprets India’s rich craft heritage within a diversity of furnishings ranging from dining sets to lounge chairs to accent tables. Materials include solid rattan cores steam-bent into sleek silhouettes and hand-woven with dyed pole rattan in polychromatic patterns. Design details take cues from traditional craftsmanship while tailoring to contemporary lifestyles.

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Design & Usage Ideas

Welcome the versatile charm of rattan furniture into living and dining spaces, patios, indoor plant studios and more:

Breezy Dining Sets

Rattan dining collections exude a relaxed sophistication perfect for everyday meals and special celebrations. The lightweight chairs easily reconfigure to accommodate additional dinner guests or move outdoors when entertaining alfresco.

Statement Accent Chairs

With its sculptural shape and organic patina, a rattan accent chair cradles you in additional comfort while introducing bold style. Use it to amplify a quiet reading nook or stage it beside your bedroom sitting area.

Multi-Use Accent Tables

Accent tables like rattan cigar cabinets and etched stools work triple decorative duty. Place them beside sofas to hold drinks, stage as plant stands or use to display cherished decorative pieces. Move seamlessly indoors and outside.

Durable Patio Pieces

Handcrafted from weather-resistant materials, rattan patio furniture withstands humidity, rain exposure and sun fading better than many options. Arrange chairs around a matching coffee table to create an inviting oasis right in your backyard.

Discover the beauty, versatility and rich heritage of Indian rattan furniture. Artisan crafted pieces imbue spaces with artful pattern and organic texture for design that beautifully endures everyday living.

The Tailored & Timeless Gray Linen Duvet Cover

Introduce simple sophistication into your master or guest bedroom with this Gray Linen Duvet Cover. Artisan tailors each piece to perfection from cool linen in a light stonewash gray. It emanates casual elegance through its muted color palette and natural fabric.

Description & Details

This stonewash gray linen duvet cover delivers a tailored, sophisticated look. The muted gray palette exudes versatility to blend with both cool and warm color schemes. It’s tailored to fit both double and queen sized duvets.

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The linen fabric provides natural temperature regulation for year-round comfort. The stonewashing process gives it a modern lived-in vibe while regular use and washing yields extra softness over time. Interior corner ties keep your duvet insert securely in place.

Complete the look with the Stonewash Gray Linen Pillowcases, sold separately. Choose from standard or king sizes.

Design Ideas

The muted gray linen pairs nicely with both light and dark wood furniture finishes. Here are some stylish ways to integrate it into your master suite or guest bedroom:

Coastal Cool Bedroom

Layer the gray linen duvet atop a painted or whitewashed wood bed frame to impart beach house inspiration. Crisp white nightstands allow the muted color to take center stage. Echo touches of coastal flair with natural jute rugs, a woven seagrass headboard, driftwood accents and textural bedside Botanica.

Scandinavian Styled Bed

In a Scandinavian styled bedroom, set the gray linen duvet atop a sleek acacia platform bed frame. Flank with acrylic end tables and oak bentwood chairs stationed bedside. Layer in touches of contrast with black accents via funnel pendant lights, oval mirrors and linen drum shades in crisp black frames.

Urban ChicBedroom

Place the stonewash gray duvet cover atop a reclaimed wood bed frame or sleek upholstered headboard to impart modern refinement. Offset with a trails end table, architectural desk lamps and midcentury inspired swivel chairs. Concrete vessel sinks, faux animal rugs and matte black hardware provide cohesive polish.

The tailored gray linen duvet cover delivers casual sophistication to elevate master suites and guest rooms alike. For easy care, machine washing restores freshness.

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