The Chic and Contemporary Pink Bedside Table

Bedside tables provide both form and function in the bedroom. Our Pink Bedside Table introduces a pop of vibrant color while offering storage and display space. The minimalist design complements both modern and traditional decors.

Description & Key Features

This circular bedside table has a smooth lacquered finish in dusty pink. It measures 50cm in diameter and 55cm high. The tabletop provides ample space for lamps, books, phones and bedtime essentials. A pull-out drawer stashes extra items out of sight.

The façade features subtle yet striking brass accents. Two pulls adorn the drawer front, while a brass bar handle runs below the table edge. The metal contrasts beautifully against the pink hue. With a weight of just 10kg, you can easily move the Pink Bedside Table around. The four black legs protect the base.

This bedside table makes a big visual impact for its petite size. The soft pink shade introduces a contemporary pop of color into bedrooms.

Usage & Placement Ideas

As a bedside table, it provides both form and function. Stage your bedside lamp and alarm clock on top, while stowing extra items in the drawer. The smooth tabletop also works beautifully for displaying framed photos, flowers and other decorative objects.

Thanks to its compact circular footprint, the possibilities extend beyond the bedroom:

Stylish Nightstand Alternative

The small-yet-mighty Pink Bedside Table works perfectly as a nightstand option if space is tight. Its slim profile slides easily beside chairs or sofas to hold drinks, remotes and reading material without feeling overly imposing.

Modern Salon Station

Give your glam room or dressing area a shot of vibrance with this shimmering pink table. Keep everyday beauty essentials and accessories stored in the drawer, while the tabletop provides a perch for your makeup mirror.

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Whimsical Entryway Table

Welcome guests in style by placing this playful pink table beside your front door. Top it with a bowl to organize your keys, sunglasses and other items. Add a fun print in an accent frame as wall art above to tie it all together.

Office Organization Station

Outfit your home office, craft room or other work space with this delightful pink table. Situate beside your desk to hold office supplies, notepads and more. Place it bedside a comfy chair to create an impromptu reading nook, using the drawer for storing books.

Kid’s Room Accent

Little girls will love this bright and bubbly bedside table beside their bed or play area. Use it to showcase cherished trinkets and photos or even some sweet floral arrangements. It introduces color without overwhelming spaces.

Make bedtime more beautiful and keeps everyday essentials at your fingertips with the contemporary and chic Pink Bedside Table.


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